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Volleyball Hand Signals: How A Setter Calls Offensive ...

The setter holds up four fingers to the left side hitter, then one forefinger to her middle hitter then all five fingers they'll hold up to her right side hitter to call the 4-1-5 offensive volleyball play.

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They tend to shorten them up to call sets quickly in a fast-paced play. In our case, we used letters to call the 4 different types of quick sets we used. You can see below how we did this, as well as the back row zones system we used based on colors – white, brown, and red from left to right as you’re facing the net. Sample volleyball set diagram

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Volleyball Set Calls. 4 tempo to the 4 zone (out of system - older ages) Nice work! You just studied 16 terms! Now up your study game with Learn mode.

Indoor Volleyball Setter Hand Signals and What They Mean ...

Calls to the Middle Hitter Slide. A slide is a type of hit seen more often in women’s volleyball. The hit is set for the middle hitter who makes a... Meter. At lower levels of play in volleyball, a meter ball is often referred to as the basic set. As the name indicates,... Quick or 31. In most ...

Volleyball Offense Terminology

One A one set is a quick set to the middle. Three A three set is a quick set about half way between the outside and middle. Five Set A five ball is a back set to the right side hitter. Ten A ten is a set that's set to a back row attacker. The ball is set to be attacked near the 3 meter attack line (10 foot line). A 10 is also called setting the pipe.

Basic Rules of Volleyball - Double Contact on Setting

What referee should call? "Setter has committed to a double contact only, if setter's hands do not touch the ball simultaneously." What referee should not call? In indoor volleyball, if referee doesn't see a double contact, referee shouldn't call it. Referee should not call a bad technique.

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Every volleyball coach will have a different numbering system for their sets. This is known as ‘set numbers’. Before the ball is served by the opposing volleyball team, the setter makes eye contact with each of their hitters (front and back court) and gives them a hand signal signifying what set to expect. Some sets require the hitter to leave early and get in the air before they see where the set is going.

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In volleyball after each set the teams must switch sides. After the referee has signalled the end of the set they will place one arm in front of them and the other arm behind them. This indicates one team must rotate round to the other side of the court in front of the referee whilst the other team rotates behind the referee.