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What is the Difference Between Football Cleats and Soccer Cleats?

However, when it comes to soccer, you are not allowed to wear football, baseball, or lacrosse cleats during a game. Now, I’m sure you can get away with it when your kids are very young and playing in a park district league, but soccer cleats do not have the toe cleat that the football, baseball, and lacrosse cleats have, and that toe cleat can be dangerous during a soccer game.

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A closer look at lacrosse cleats will tell you that it has more cleats than your average soccer cleat. It also has cleats at the outer edge of the shoe for maximum balance and support. Moreover, a typical lacrosse cleat is usually a mid-cut which means that it’s not by your ankles.

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Guys, they're shoes with bumps on the bottom. Really, it matters as much as you decide it matters, and that's about where it stops making a difference. If you wear 'em for soccer, they're soccer cleats, if you wear 'em for lacrosse, they're lacrosse cleats.

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Although the number of studs may differ by cleat style and the player's preference, in general, lacrosse cleats have more studs than football cleats. A basic cleat layout for a lacrosse shoe is four studs around the heel and six to eight studs in the toe and ball of the foot areas. Football cleats typically have two studs at the back of the heel and five under the toe and ball of the foot. Ankle Heights

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The main difference between the two types of cleats lies in the extent to which they support your ankles. Lacrosse cleats are cut higher to offer greater support to the ankle, while soccer cleats offer a low cut to save weight and permit easier changes of direction. Lacrosse cleats offer you a choice of a three-quarter or mid-top shoe.

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You get even more protection with lacrosse cleats than you would with football cleats, for example, and certainly way more ankle protection than you ever get out of baseball cleats and especially out of soccer cleats cleats that offer next to no ankle protection whatsoever (for the most part).