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Michael Jordan was a pioneer in the sport of basketball. With his style of play and personal branding, he changed the sport in so many ways. A 10-question multiple-choice quiz on Jordan's professional career can be found below. This quiz will test your basketball knowledge, whether you're a casual fan or the biggest Michael Jordan fan ever.

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It turns out being one of the greatest athletes of all time is pretty lucrative. What is Jordan's estimated net worth? $900m. $1.3bn. $1.7bn. $2.1bn. 9. During his first sojourn from basketball ...

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Michael Jordan returned to basketball to play for the Washington Wizards and currently wears number 23, although he did wear number 45 at one time with the Bulls. From Quiz: His Airness . Question by author stinger07.

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Scottish Soccer Players 2,339. Big 4 Graveyard 951. NBA Logic Puzzle 613. Criteria NFL Teams 601. Big 4 'R' Team Blitz 563. English Football Players 509. NFL Teams 506. Criteria NFL Quarterbacks 484.

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Michael Jordan, who retired in January 1999 but returned to the league in 2001, has scored more points (5,987) in the playoffs than any other player. The Boston Celtics franchise has won the most NBA championships (16) in history.

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Only Real Michael Jordan Fans Can Pass This Quiz.. Basketball If you are at least five years of age or have the cognitive ability to read this, then we are pretty sure you have heard the name Michael Jordan before.

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