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14 Soccer Shooting Drills to Finish Past Any Goalkeeper

The first player in line starts the drill with a pass to the passer positioned at the edge of the penalty area. The passer takes one, or two touches, and lays the ball to either side of them for the player to run onto to and shoot. The shooting player runs onto the ball and immediately takes a shot on goal.

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Football Shooting Drills. Who doesn't love shooting in football? To develop your forwards' shooting shot and follow through check out the videos below. These coaching games and drills will improve your player's shooting ability when they're in front of goal. By following the coaching points below you will be able to improve your striker's positioning, power and accuracy.

Soccer Shooting Drills

Soccer shooting drills are not only fun for the players, but it is one of the fundamental skills necessary to score goals. However, become an excellent shot takes practice. Repetition is one of the best tools to refine your skill of shooting. Players should start by shooting stationary balls and progress towards moving targets, different angle shots, and volleys.

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This football shooting drill focuses on shooting the ball quickly after receiving a pass with their back to the goal. This is a great exercise to grab the opposition defence and goalkeeper off guard. You need 3 serving lines and a player inside a box formed by cones outside the penalty box. The progression goes as:

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Step 1. The first step is to make sure your standing foot is firmly planted in line with the soccer ball pointing in the direction you want to shoot the soccer ball, there should be roughly 1 foot gap between the soccer ball and your standing foot. Step 2.

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They pass the ball across the penalty box, to the player in the cone marked box. The striker must receive and control the ball in the box (marked with cones) then shoot at the goal. As the shooting player rotates a ball can be crossed to the opposite box. Progressions: Must be high tempo.

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The game is run in multiple two rounds cycles: firstly, players hit the ball with their right foot and second with their left foot, or vice versa. Do not pick up the balls after shooting. It will keep the flow of the game going. Instead, do it after completing a 2 rounds cycle.

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Shooting coaching drills with quick one and two-touch passing on the edge of the box brought to you by the Scottish FA. View more drills: http://scotfa.co/co...