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Basketball Referee Signals There are “Fouls” and there are “ViolationsFouls are caused by physical contact (holding, pushing), or actions (acting out like you are going to hit another player but you don’t) or even extreme abusive yelling or cussing (technical foul).

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Fouls were added to the basketball rule book to penalize. However, intelligent players and teams can use fouls to their advantage. Learn the types of fouls and their penalties. Explore the various free throw situations and understand the various types of violations and their penalties. Player Positions & Roles ...


Throughout the Official Basketball Rules, all references made to a player, coach, referee, etc. in the male gender also apply to the female gender. It must be understood that this is done for practical reasons only. RULE ONE – THE GAME Art. 1 Definitions 1.1 Basketball game Basketball is played by 2 teams of 5 players each.


5-second violation Excessively swinging arm(s)/elbow(s) Kicking 27 19 20 21 10-second violation 24 28 Violations Fouls 25 Blocking Hand check Holding Pushing or charging Double foul Player-control foul Illegal use of hand 32 30 31 33 29 34 Team-control foul 35 Technical foul 3-second violation 22 Over and back 23 Free throw, designated spot, or other violation 26 38

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9. Violations include: causing the ball to go out of bounds, double dribbling, running with the ball, kicking the ball, striking the ball with the fist, interfering with the basketball, illegal throw-in (taking more than 5 seconds or stepping on the line), being closely

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Elbowing – It is a violation for a player to swing the elbows excessively. Flagrant Foul – A personal or technical foul, which is violent in nature. Examples are fighting, striking, kicking, or kneeing an opponent. Hand Check – A personal foul caused by a defender making repeated contact with her hands on her opponent.

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Team foul; Basketball Violations and Fouls. One of the important parts of coaching basketball to anyone is understanding the fouls and violations which occur during practices and games. The fouls explained below will teach you to be an honest and responsible player. 24-Second Violation. All NBA teams have to make a shot within 24 seconds. If ...

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Intentional Foul - A foul committed on purpose, usually by a defensive player, to stop the clock or prevent a basket. 11. Shooting Foul - When a defender makes contact with an offensive player who is in the act of shooting the basketball. Technical Foul - Violations and misconduct that are detrimental to the game.

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The same is true for FIBA and college basketball, but the foul limit is five fouls. The foul types and rules of fouls differ at all levels of play in high school basketball, the NBA, college basketball, and FIBA. The referees in basketball are responsible for calling fouls and violations on players throughout the game.