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2-Way Handicap Definition - What Does 2-Way Handicap Mean?

In the world of sports betting, a "2-way handicap" is available in sports where there is going to be a winner, such as hockey (overtime and then a shootout), basketball (overtimes until a winner is declared) or tennis (a tennis match can not end in a draw). In the case where a 2-way handicap line is used in a sport that can end in a draw, the bet is usually returned if the contest ends in a draw.

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A 2-way handicap is backing a handicap selection in a match where the bookmaker has only options on either team winning. This ignores a draw as an outcome. However, if the result causes a draw with the handicap, the stake is refunded.

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Stats24 is where you gain the detailed knowledge of Home Handicap betting stats, betting tips, sports tips at one place ... 2-Way Handicap. Home Handicap

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What Is A 2 Way Handicap Bet. Many individuals prefer to use their forefinger and middle finger to hold the handle of the dart. While this might seem to be a great concept due to the fact that it helps you have more of a grip on the dart, you do not want to hold the dart like this for too long.

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3 Way Handicap Betting Explained Instead of using a traditional 2 way bet line, a 3 way bet line can be used when betting. This line is handicap betting as we all know it, but instead of just offering you the chance to back on either team to come out on top, you can also bet on the handicap draw.

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What is 2-way handicap betting? In a two-way handicap bet, you get to predict the team that will the match, as you would normally do, but here a handicap is applied as well. Also, if a draw occurs, you won’t lose your bet, and the money you invested will be returned to you.