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quinoa processing line
On the evening of June 8, the quinoa processing line designed and constructed by basketball arena version was loaded and successfully sent to Inner Mongolia.
quinoa processing line
The delivery time of the production line is tight and the task is heavy. The company's delivery department finally completed the arduous task of loading the production line at 2 a.m. and successfully delivered it to the construction site of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.
quinoa processing line
The processing characteristics of the production line are as follows:
1. Special quinoa peeling and polishing machine;
2. The energy consumption is 20% - 30% lower than that of the same industry, and the dust removal of the production line meets or exceeds the national requirements for the processing environment;
3. According to different varieties of quinoa in different regions at home and abroad, the technologies of peeling, polishing and color separation were developed;
4. Clear processing technology and clear positioning of processing equipment.
 quinoa processing line

Lushan basketball arena version Engineering Technology Co, Ltd.

Construction: corn, millet, highland barley, oats, beans, oil and other cereals complete sets of project design, construction turnkey project;
Main business: all kinds of corn processing machinery, all kinds of grain peeling, shelling equipment, oil peeling and shelling equipment;
Address: Zhengzhou Zhongyuan National Advertising Industrial Park, No. 57 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, China;

What kind of engineering services can be provided:
1. At the beginning of the project, our senior engineers will intervene with the project manager to provide valuable analysis and consultation for customers, including engineering documents.
2. Experienced site management, supervision and engineers will control the installation construction process and control the quality and progress according to the construction scheme.
3. Assist plant start-up and operation, including engineering operation, operator training and plant operation commissioning, and establish standardized operation specifications.
4. Continuously provide customers with support and technical improvement, and be responsible for the whole life cycle of the installed plant, so as to ensure the development and profitability of customers' enterprises.

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